The following list of services is meant to provide a general idea of the kinds of services I can provide and have provided for others in the past. It is, by no means, exclusive. In almost any circumstance in which you find yourself in need of someone who has a way with words… contact me. Let’s talk.


Providing well-researched, credible blog posts on any topic, sales copy, white papers, guides and manuals, slide-shares, social media posts, speechwriting, etc…

*Writing Fees ranging from $100 – $200 per piece.


Providing professional editing services ranging from basic proof-reading to more substantive AP editing taking into account grammar, style, flow, and SEO compatibility (for blog posts).

*Editing fees ranging from $35/hr for standard proofreading to $70/hr for comprehensive AP editing.

Content Analysis

Providing services that include optimal keyword identification, post analysis, and SEO optimization.

*SEO optimization fee $35/hr.


*All fees negotiated on an individual contract basis.